Antonio Cano
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director and Vice Chairman

Mr Cano was appointed as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director and Vice Chairman of Maybank Ageas Holdings Berhad on 3 February 2020. He also serves as a member of the Risk Management Committee.

He holds a Postgraduate Degree as a Registered Controller from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands and a Doctorandus Degree in Managerial Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Mr Cano has a total of 26 years working experience in general management and financial roles including Asset Liability Management, Reinsurance, Organisation, IT Support, Actuarial Services and Business Planning.

Mr Cano started his career in 1987 as a Financial Consultant of the Rotterdam Consulting Group where he served until 1989. Later, he joined Amev International in Utrecht, Netherlands in the same year. Subsequently, he joined Fortis Insurance International in 1993 and then moved to Caifor, the Spanish Bancassurance joint-venture between Fortis and “La Caixa” in 1994, where initially he was responsible for Asset & Liability Management and ultimately was the Deputy Managing Director of the aforesaid Company. In 2001 he joined AG Insurance, where he held various positions, including Head of Risk, Managing Director Bank Channel and later as a Chief Executive Officer from 2009 until October 2015.

Besides the Maybank Group, Mr Cano is currently the Managing Director Europe & Reinsurance of Ageas SA/NV, Belgium since October 2015. He also sits on the boards of several public companies such as Ageas Group, Ocidental – Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros de Vida, Medis – Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros de Saude SA, Capricorn ICT Fund, Credimo NV, Interparking SA and Taiping Reinsurance Company Limited.


Last update on 30 June 2022